Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you have never tried using groupon ( ) you may want to check it out. They have awesome deals in pretty much every major city or area of the US, at least 50% off. For example, we were able to get tickets for our local science center and planetarium for $8.00, normally it would cost $17.00 for a child ticket. Its a great way to discover local businesses in your community, and the deals are different every day. You buy the tickets or gift cards at a big discount and then you will normally have at least 6 months to redeem them, sometimes a year. All kinds of businesses are featured on Groupon- spas, restaurants, zoos, museums, adventures such as skydiving and hot air balloon rides etc. I recently purchased a spa package- massage, facial and mani pedi for $49.00, an $180.00 value. So whether you want to treat yourself or save money on your family outings, check out groupon for great daily deals. All the fine print is spelled out before you buy, expiration dates and restrictions (if any) and if you are ever not satisfied they will refund your money.

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