Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Costco, how I love thee

You are so much more than a big store with yummy samples.
You are cheap gas,
discounted gift cards,
bulk quantities of batteries,
gourmet food I can't get anywhere else,
but most importantly, I love your return policy.

Costco has an awesome return policy on most everything they sell. No receipt needed and they will refund your purchase price. I bought a vacuum a few years ago, I really like it but it kept having problems and was out of warranty. I brought it back to Costco and no questions asked they refunded my money, I only had to show my Costco card so they could look it up. They didnt make me exchange it or give me a gift card, they simply refunded my credit card. I try to make most of my major household purchases from Costco because they back the products they sell. It sucks when you spend a lot of money on a product and it does not live up to your expectations, but at Costco you dont have to worry about it. Even if you order from you can return it to the store, and most of the items on their website have free shipping. Most of the products you get at Costco are really high quality, but it's nice to know that they will take back an item if it is not up to par.

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